London Grammar release new single "Big Picture". Including remix from Gui Boratto.

"We have researched the brazilian producers whose tracks are most played on spotify around the world!"
"Pesquisamos quais os produtores brasileiros mais tocados no spotify ao redor do mundo"

26˚ Prêmio da Música Brasileira

Gui Boratto concorre  com o álbum Abaporu na categoria "Álbum Eletrônico"

First speakers announced for ADE 2015

Brain Magazine Interview

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Gui Boratto : "Le seul capable d'être excellent DJ et producteur, c'est Laurent Garnier"

WAD Gui Boratto interview

Gui Boratto: International man of culture!

Gui Boratto: “Ik was het lelijke eendje van de technoscene”

Gui Boratto - Abaporu


Exclusive interview with Gui Boratto!

Gui Boratto - Abaporu - (Kompakt)

Gui Boratto - Abaporu

Gui Boratto enters BBC Radio1 - Pete Tong’s Hall of Fame:

No universo do estúdio de Gui Boratto

Boratto tours North America with Elekfantz duo in March. Dates to be announced soon...

RMC (Rio Music Conference 2014) Best Producer prize goes once more to Gui Boratto.

Oscar Nominee italian movie “La Grande Bellezza” includes “Take My Breath Away” track.

Gui Boratto launches his own label called D.O.C. Records, distributed by his mother label Kompakt.

MixMag UK, october 2012


Those who buy the special edition box set of Hallo4 don't just get the latest alien first-person shooter but these 14 remixes, featuring the music from the game in new cooled-up guises.

Our favorite though, is "AWAKENING" reworked by Gui Boratto.

Premiere: Awakening (Gui Boratto Remix)

The past decade has seen computer game soundtracks come of age.

Sure, the music used by those 8-Bit programmers was rich, evocative of a certain era, but the way the game industry operate now exists in an entirely different world. Soundtracks are lush, lavish experiences with some highly sought after composers.

People like Neil Davidge. Connected to Massive Attack, the musician was brought in to oversee the orchestral epic which soundtracks 'Halo 4'. Gaining almost as much attention as the game itself, the score utilises the varied talents of a 50 piece orchestra, members of the London Bulgarian Choir and countless guest musicians.

As if that wasn't enough, a remix album is also in the pipeline. Handing the material to guest producers, the 'Halo 4' score is stretched and re-worked in different ways. By way of a preview, ClashMusic has been granted the stream of 'Awakening' as re-worked by Gui Boratto.

Opening with a very simple synth line, Boratto slides in some techno inflections before the epic nature of Davidge's score reveals itself. Grandiose and dramatic, the new version of 'Awakening' stretches out towards the seven minute mark, slipping and sliding through forms, styles in the process.

Chromophobia's review
Gui Boratto

f the title of Gui Boratto's debut full-length isn't intended to be farcical, it would be reasonable to assume that the 33-year Sao Pãolo native has either confronted his Pantone demons and emerged unscathed or been the recipient of a chromatic intervention. Chromophobia is not so much conflicted by shades and hues as it is positively seething with them, a spiral dance of cascading colors given musical voice by a multitude of mouths. The vividness of Boratto's music tempts the listener to envy the 35mm camera, with its ability to capture and contain frozen moments of electromagnetic radiation. But on Chromophobia, there is no pausing for still shots—it's a continuous pan across thickly-clustered see-sawing melodies, impudently dynamic synth tones and subtle drum loops that are shifted, rearranged and altered incessantly. This is the sound of fractious textures being sensually woven into a tapestry of almost inspirational complexity, stubbornly insisting on a delicate balance of light and dark, transparent and opaque, yellow and magenta and cyan, oh my! It is the sound of mounting the sunset and dancing amongst stars, the very instant when lightning is electrically converted into life and Dr. Frankenstein shouts his two most infamous words.